Maeve Gilchrist
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Maeve’s debut solo harp album The Ostinato Project is out now. Delicate sound-scapes and rich textural landscapes in this suite of compositions designed to fully utilize both hands as separate voices.



A day! help! help! Another day! (Emily Dickinson)

I spoke to a lady on the subway to Brooklyn the other night. She was from Panama and said that when she first arrived in the city 20 years ago, she found the Autumn to be a sad time time of year. Coming from a lush landscape that remains green all year round - she was upset by the flaming display of dying leaves. The end of the cycle was an unapologetic reminder of her own mortality. Twenty years on and she says she's come round to it's beauty and now, like I, is in awe of the russet flames that spread around and embrace the buildings like wildfire here in NYC. Says the autumn to the city, "you may be frantic and fantastic and cutting edge! You may have the tallest buildings and the deep cavernous world of the subways! You may have the most advanced technology and a wealth of imagination that spawns never ending ideas but I - I am bigger then all of that. I am the natural world and you cannot ignore me!"

Well friends, It's the last news letter of the year and as I write this last note I'm both amazed and totally exhausted by all the wonderful happening that gone on in the last few months. Some lovely times with my collaborator and friend, Nic Gareiss, including our first trip to the Celtic Colours International Festival on Cape Breton Island. A place filled with heart and music and a density of trees wearing their Autumn colours in a display that I'll never forget! I just finished up a tour with the great Cellist and singer, Ben Sollee. We'll be doing some more work together in the future so keep on the lookout for new harp and cello creations. Good humans, good music and a whole host of new friends and audience members along the way! Now that I'm back in Brooklyn I'm laying low for the rest of the year EXCEPT one weekend of shows with Nic Gareiss. They're mainly private performances but we're doing one public concert in Greenfield MA at the Arts Block. A beautiful part of Western Massachusetts host to a vibrant art (and harp!) community. We're playing at the Arts Block on Fri Dec 5th at 8 30pm and you can get your tickets at We'd love to see you.
I opened this newsletter with one of my favorite Emily Dickenson quotes. The other night, in a typically New York, spontaneous fashion I hopped up to sing one of her poems to a setting of original music by Tony Trishka at his show in the city. I'm dying to dig deeper into her collections and perhaps start writing some music to accompany the process. So excuse me while I get cozy, cook some food, read a ton of books and just get down to the much neglected business of being home. Happy Thanksgiving to you all and as always - thanks for your support.

Here's what the critics are saying about latest release, '20 Chandler St':

This is beautifully moving melodic music with an alluring warmth and entrancing quality displaying the harp’s ‘voices’ and wide sonic range to great effect - The Living Tradition

If there’s a soundtrack to a fine summer, this is it. If there’s a musician who can bask in tradition yet immerse herself musically in the multicoloured experience of life, it’s Gilchrist
. - The Irish Times