Maeve Gilchrist
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Maeve’s debut solo harp album The Ostinato Project is out now. Delicate sound-scapes and rich textural landscapes in this suite of compositions designed to fully utilize both hands as separate voices.



Greetings earthlings!

It's so wild that we musicians spend the amount of time that we do creating, capturing and manipulating this invisible, untouchable thing. It's the closest thing to magic that I've ever known and I've often thought how ridiculous it would sound were we to try and explain the art form to an uncomprehending martian species. To those who are less tuned into the possibilities of sound I imagine it would be the equivalent of the tale of the emperor's new clothes! But how wonderful that it exists and affects and inspires us all on a daily basis. Whether a music lover or a music maker or both, we are all contributing to this beautiful world of sound. You are part of it!!
I just got back from an inspiring Berklee teachers on teaching conference. For two days at the beginning of each spring the college puts on a series of workshop and talks covering every sound related subject under the sun. It''s an incredible education and a reminder of the wealth and array of talented folk that work in this buzzing, global institution. I heard a great keynote speech by saxophonist, educator and ethnomusicologist Leonard Brown who's talk centered around the idea of contemplation, modulation and elevation in life through art. He reminded us of the duty we have to use our music as an agent for social change. To connect, inspire, engage and inform. Throughout history, art has continually paved the way that society and politics has followed and I think it's more important then ever in the tragic events of the last few months to be reminded of our individual role in actively seeking a better and more peaceful world.

This year my dancing colleague, Nic Gareiss and I are digging deeper into our duo and I'm excited to bring the act to Ireland, Canada and the West Coast as well as a string of East coast dates in May. I've been spending the last few months coming up with some new solo material that I'll be presenting in NYC in the upcoming months both by myself and with some other incredible guest artists such as Eugene Friesen and Nir Felder. In Feb I'm producing the record of Boston based fiddler Jenna Moynihan - a thoughtful and elegant musician who's music is filled with breath and grace. We start tracking in Feb. I'll continue to teach at the Berklee College where the harp scene is blossoming and the incredible standard of the students gives me a weekly anxiety attack!

Speaking of education - on valentines day FEB 14th at 4pm eastern time - I'll be presenting an online sharing of music and techniques/ harp tips. This is my first time trying this format and the idea is I'll play some music and then respond to any harp/ music related questions you may have. You can tune in from any where in the world at You can purchase online tickets starting now at or feel free to email me your questions before the hour long presentation begins. It will be a pay what you like presentation with tip rewards including album downloads, hand outs and skype lessons. Please pass this on to any harp enthusiast you may know. I'm excited to interact with you all online!

I'm currently updating my website with spring and summer dates and also - keep your eyes peeled in the next couple months for the new Nic and Maeve website ( it's under construction! Much love,

Here's what the critics are saying about latest release, '20 Chandler St':

This is beautifully moving melodic music with an alluring warmth and entrancing quality displaying the harp’s ‘voices’ and wide sonic range to great effect - The Living Tradition

If there’s a soundtrack to a fine summer, this is it. If there’s a musician who can bask in tradition yet immerse herself musically in the multicoloured experience of life, it’s Gilchrist
. - The Irish Times